Tuesday, November 17, 2009

what a busy and fabulous week!

The week flew by! Katie came on Monday and gave Brian and I a date--much needed because we were NOT connecting the previous week. That turned into quite a blessing, because when we were walking through Wal-Mart--a classic Susanville date--we found our next book for book study!

Tuesday was our quarterly planning meeting. That went well, with the usual pandemonium that goes into preparation. I also made 7 meals that morning. Wednesday was the regular dance, Lego Club and the second of three rehearsals. Thursday I did school with the kids in the morning with all five kids and then it was supposed to be a haven day that I got to spend with my sister. the eye of the storm, peace and a moment of just us time. Nope. The kids all of a sudden became needy as all get-out. Interruption after interruption. I was so frustrated, and kept telling myself to not be such a baby!

Friday was our first day of Holiday classes. There is no one better to have by your side in a classroom than Katie. She did the crafting of the gifts while I ran kids through the skit. It was good, but more chaotic than I like. And the boys were not listening well at all. I don't like being a meanie, but I like chaos less.

Saturday was a four hour rehearsal. Stupid Vet's Hall triple booked their building and we were essentially corralled in the basement for 45 minutes while they figured out what to do with us. The most frustrating thing about that is the amount of money it costs to rent the place. Susanville and buildings!!!! Don't get me started!! It is shameful and disgusting how building owners behave.

Then the recital was that night. Almost until 10 pm! I couldn't get out of my head that there are four year olds in the show. And at the end there was this love-fest between the sick owner and the teen dancers. It was too much, too intimate, too sloppy and TOO LATE!


Madi was FANTASTIC! She smiled through every dance. She was beautiful and beautiful and beautiful. I had fun in the basement helping the girls with costume changes and keeping them happily quiet while waiting their turns. I am very proud of her.

Sara couldn't make the recital and sent her such pretty roses in her place. It was such a surprise and so kind of her. The Thomases did make it, and brought her flowers as well. The kindness of my friends humbles me and makes me walk on clouds!

By Sunday, there was no longer a haven of dog-hair free zone in my house. Katie was really suffering. She was a mess, barely able to breath. I sure wanted her to stay, but hated her being in misery. But she did stay! We had Assembly at my house and it was a nice meeting.

Yesterday, Monday, Katie and the kids went home, I attacked the kids' rooms and laundry and rested up.