Friday, July 30, 2010


I am feeling so thankful that I picked up this new-to-me Bible study book by Lisa Welchel.  She demonstrates twenty different methods to studying the Bible, a new one each day.  Next we do all twenty methods on our own with new Bible passages.  Finally, she assigns Bible passages with three choices in methodology.   My plan is to use all three, stretching this to a 100 day program. 

I am only on day 6 and I am enjoying the discipline, affirmation and exposure I have already received.  Today we talked about meditation and she used Psalm 1:2-3 for her example.  I loved the cyclical aspect to today's study.  We were studying how to meditate on the Word.  The portion of the Word that she chose was a study on meditation!  :) 

To meditate on His law day and night is a delight.  We can be like trees planted by a running stream--living water.  Producing fruit in season, not withering and prospering in all we do. 

Lately I have felt very withered.  I am encouraged to know that I can sink my roots a little deeper and (I pray) realize (rather than just hope) that maybe I am not withering.  Maybe it just isn't my season to produce so much fruit.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

What a day!

I know it is a bad idea to start our school day much after 8 am.  I know this.  So I started a little after 8.  I got distracted by the printer not printing, but tried to stay on track.  Then I remembered my nephew's birthday, so we had to call to sing to him.  But, I was good and got us back to schooling. 

But then my older sister called.  So I sent the kids to do their independent work while I talked to her.  I thought that was OK, you know, since they were still technically doing school.  I made lunch and let them eat.  Then we got right back to school.

I read Caddie Woodlawn--love it!  Next came Science and Recorder.  No problem, sort of.  Finally it was time to finish the independent work they hadn't gotten to this morning.  *sigh*  We all reached our breaking point.  One hour for 6 math problems, crying through an article on the Titanic (I mean, attitudinal tears, not sympathetic ones!), resisting the new song on piano...ARG!!

It is 5:00 pm!!  The sweet homeschool mom with an abundance of patience and creative ways to keep kids happily on track is lost.  Gone.  No one even noticed when she left, but everyone sure sat up and took notice when the crazy woman who replaced her walked in!

I need to make dinner, but I know lunch hasn't even been put away.  Where did this day go??

So we stop.  It's not like anyone is going to learn anything but possibly new words not worth learning. 

Lord, please stand in my gaps.  Cover us all in your mercy.  Help me to apologize and please wipe this yucky day from their memories over time.  Why do I let ashen things upset me so?  Tomorrow is a new day, but I don't want to throw this one away just yet.  Salvage it, Lord.  Let the memory be of love and renewal, rather than poor time management and bad attitudes all around.  Thanks and Amen!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Morning Dance Class

We have the best dance teacher for my daughter! She is kind and patient. She listens to the girls while encouraging them to be the best they can be.

Yesterday morning the girls got some more formal ballet training than they've ever received. They used the wooden storage structure as a barre. I bet all the girls were sore today!

Even so, there is something so picturesque about a row of little ballerinas. It seems to invoke a sense of well being for me, like it is a piece of the American Dream.

I suspect the reason is partly because ballet is a luxury--one never afforded me, which I am sure plays no small part in my romanticizing of it. When things are tough, ballet classes are often at the top of the list of things to go, and last on the list of things to resume. So seeing a whole row of girls working on plies gives me a sense that all is well--we can afford this both in time and money.

Another reason the vision is so wonderful might have something to do with the wonder and potential of childhood itself. There is a time when all the frills will be set aside for a combination of new frivolities and a sense of practicality. Tutus are replaced by posters of the hottest new singers, and ballet slippers make way for lipstick. The practicality comes into play when someone gets serious minded and decides that since a career is unlikely, there is no point in continuing.

And there is just something simple, pure and sweet about little girls in fluffy pink!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Naughty Puppy!

So, should you punish a dog, even if you don't know what she did wrong?  This isn't a question I've ever pondered before last night.

But I felt compelled to give it some thought when, entering my bedroom, my darling Beagle tattled on herself with her unmistakable, 'I'm-so-sorry-please-love-me-anyway' pose.

Naturally, I grew instantly suspicious.  She may know how to look guilty, but my dog doesn't play Hot and Cold very well, though I did give it a try.  After moving around the room and watching for her reactions, then a quick perusal of the regular 'hot spots,' (bathroom trash, window sill, MY pillow), I called in the Big Guns.

But not even my darling husband could find evidence to prosecute, searching while puppy wallowed on her back, serving as her own damning witness.

So I ask again: should you punish a dog even if you don't know what she did wrong?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Fun day--another without school

It is so easy for me to get caught up in the lists of life.  I bought next year's curriculum, and I am only at the beginning of the second semester of our current school year.  I don't regret the purchase--we had the money and needed to buy it then, before the new year's prices went up.  But ...I am SO EAGER!!!  lol

I feel like a kid left alone in the room with a full cookie and orders to not touch.  I want to plow through the rest of this year so I can start with those beautiful new shiny books.  ust check off the lessons as quickly as possible so I can be DONE.  But I keep reminding myself that the goal for our school is to never 'just get through it.'  And I remember when the books we are reading now were new and shiny, too. They are great, and deserve some lingering.

Now that is just curriculum--listing school.  Like dealing with the temptation to get obsessive about that isn't enough, I struggle with seeing our 'off' days as valid, too!  Today we have some dear friends whom we see so rarely visiting.  It is wonderful!  But it took me almost a month to schedule this get-together!   I have been so busy pushing through school, that I don't want to take time off to hang with friends--there is no check box labeled 'hang with friends!'  I deserve a good shaking.  I am thankful we have the freedom to take break from sit-down school to love on old friends--guilt free!

This afternoon, we will be meeting with some girlfriends and their moms to play games, eat food, craft and chat.  How cool is that? 

My life is truly blessed, when I can get out of the way and let it be.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

First day at the Senior Living Community

Today we finally went to the retirement home. I have been wanting to go since the beginning of the year and finally got around to calling in June--for shame!!

But they seem to be just like I am, because they don't return my calls and won't help us get started with volunteering. The lady I spoke with did say that Bingo is played every day at 3. I had three days in the last two weeks when I was available at 3, and on each of them, I remembered at 4! Arg!

So, it is on my calendar now, and we went today for the first time. It was really nice. I ended up being the caller, my girl tumbled the balls and my boy helped place the poker chips on the giant Bingo cards for one of the ladies playing. She was really sweet to him.

I learned that there are several patterns that make up different games of Bingo, like Postage Stamp and Bingo, Bingo, Blackout. My kids have never actually played Bingo within their memory, so they got a lesson, too.

It turns out it is a state run facility, which means background checks and fingerprinting, but hopefully we can jump through those hoops and expand the horizons of my little lambs. :)