Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Naughty Puppy!

So, should you punish a dog, even if you don't know what she did wrong?  This isn't a question I've ever pondered before last night.

But I felt compelled to give it some thought when, entering my bedroom, my darling Beagle tattled on herself with her unmistakable, 'I'm-so-sorry-please-love-me-anyway' pose.

Naturally, I grew instantly suspicious.  She may know how to look guilty, but my dog doesn't play Hot and Cold very well, though I did give it a try.  After moving around the room and watching for her reactions, then a quick perusal of the regular 'hot spots,' (bathroom trash, window sill, MY pillow), I called in the Big Guns.

But not even my darling husband could find evidence to prosecute, searching while puppy wallowed on her back, serving as her own damning witness.

So I ask again: should you punish a dog even if you don't know what she did wrong?


  1. I like how you discribed her pose... "I'm so sorry please love me anyway". LOL

  2. Would you agree that is what she says when she looks like that?


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