Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Guest Writer

Please welcome my son, Max. 

The golden rule given to us by God is “Treat Others the way You Want to be Treated.” That means if you want to be treated some way, treat others in the same way. There is nothing guaranteeing that others will eventually treat you that way, too. It’s just the Golden Rule. Capital G, capital R.

However, people of this world, being selfish and vengeful, have said that the Golden Rule is “Treat others the way you’re treated.” A lie, of course, but hidden in such an awful way. This perverted version of the Golden rule has words so similar to the real Golden Rule that you could say a dyslexic started the whole thing.

The real Golden Rule, as I’ve said in the first paragraph, means if you have an opinion on how you should be treated, treat others in that same way. The perverted Golden Rule, despite being so similarly worded, means something else entirely. It means if you have been treated someway, that is the same way you should treat others. Gandhi would have been very different if that’s the rule he lived by.

However, God is so cool! You probably hear more flowery words like “amazing” and “wonderful.” But God is also just plain cool! He created this world, and the science and logic that went into it. And defying God also means defying his work… Ergo, the world. It’s a little more complicated than that, but I won’t go into depth on that. My point is, this perverted golden rule goes against God’s law and work.

I’ll start simple. Say everyone treated others the way that they were treated… That sounds like it would lead to a messed up world, but if you look at it in depth you can see that everybody would just stand there blinking. If everyone is acting chiefly on something that has been done to them… That’s OUTPUT without INPUT. Something has to go in and make a reaction for something to go out.

Let me clarify. I once was playing a game where I was able to program people in the world to do what I wanted. I once wanted to create a Lewis and Clark expedition. So I placed Lewis and I placed Clark. Then I told Clark to follow Lewis and Lewis to follow Clark. I ran the game and they both just stood there. Each was acting on the other’s actions. But they won’t act unless the other one does. This results in a circle that turns them into big fat zeros. They wouldn’t have made it to Oregon at that pace, I can tell you that.

The perverted Golden Rule is similar to the Lewis and Clark incident. If everyone acted the same way others did… Who’s going to act in the first place? Who’s going to treat someone some way for them to treat others?

If everybody treated others the way they were treated, that would mean someone would walk up to someone else and say:

“Hey, how are you gonna treat me?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t been treated any way.”

“Really? Have you met anyone lately?”

“Yes, but they weren’t treated in any way either.”

“Then that means you don’t have any way to treat me?”

“No. So I guess that means we can just go our separate ways now.”


Of course, not all conversations will be this humorous, but someone must act of his own accord to give something to others.

However, the real Golden Rule, “Treat others the way you want to be treated,” means that everybody can bring their own opinion to the world. You want to be treated in some certain way, right? It’s almost impossible to walk up to something without some kind of opinion or expectation as to what or how it is. That means that everyone has some way that they want to be treated. And then they treat others that way, meaning that there is a lot of interaction.

God works on so many levels with everything. It is even possible to write an essay on the shortest verse in the Bible (Two words: Jesus Cried) and all the meanings it has(Guys can cry; it’s not sinful to feel pain; even Jesus, God who can see all of time and all the secrets of the universe can still cry…). Another way God works on many levels is when he says, “Ask and you shall receive” or “I am always with you” or “I will fill your needs.” He is with one at all times.  For example, He saved me from being hit by a fire ball from the barbecue, and from drowning in the 8 foot section of the pool. But he truly is always with me, and when my food is running low in one of my games, which isn’t important in any way except relaxation, he drops a chicken at my front door. Heh heh.


The Golden Rule also can be viewed on many different levels.  The Golden Rule is logical.  Because of people’s opinion, they have a way to treat people, which is well.   Another thing is the original point of the Golden Rule is saying that since we all want to be treated well, we will be selfless and treat others well.


  1. I so liked this Max. You did a great job in explaining this situation. I love to ready what you write. Did you finish the last book I was reading?

  2. Max- Welcome to the world of blogging:) I really enjoyed reading your insights on The Golden Rule. Your Lewis and Clark example about input and output was especially good. I look forward to reading more from you in the future.


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