Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sunday, Sunday!

Sundays are my new favorite day!  Our church meetings are a source of strengthening to all the members of my family.  My kids are falling back into the habit of arriving prepared, prayed up and ready to share/minister.  This is a good thing, a priceless thing to me.

After the church meeting, we have a standing date with a friend for dinner, games and The Amazing Race—one of my favorite TV shows that we don’t get to watch anymore without satellite.

My kids have grown so comfortable around our friend that they get a little too used to speaking before thinking.  As we left last Sunday, I was actually saying, “Stop talking and get into the car!”  My son couldn’t seem to stop the flow and hasn’t yet understood that talking about not talking is not the same as not talking.

Sundays are so great that even my rowdy, coughy kids can’t ruin it!


  1. I love our standing date on Sunday nights and I LOVE that your kids are comfortable with me! Bring on the fun!

  2. Oh! They are so naughty! lol I appreciate your patience and love. :)


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