Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The princess

My daughter is a kick.  I enjoy her company so very much.  She is funny, smart and creative.  She is sweet, shy and sensitive. 

Madi is my struggling learner.  Many kids tend to be strong in either the maths and sciences or in language.  Thanks to severe dyslexia, she has fought to find her spot in academia.  No help is that her brother excels in all areas.  But just recently we found an animated math program that has her not only excited about mastering math, but ambitious!  This is new to us and we are reveling in her perseverance. 

Writing has not come easily to her, either.  Then out of the blue, she declared that she was going to write a musical.  I tend to respond to these sorts of things with reserved encouragement.  I like for the kids to explore and have fun without too much pressure when they endeavor to tackle projects on their own.  Well, what do you know?  That girl finished a 12 page play, complete with music and humor about Romeo and Juliet—with a mouse as narrator!!  I am so stinking proud of her!  That is not all.  She has made the rounds and recruited people to be in the play and has spent the last several days on the scenery and props.  This girl is attacking this project and now Brian and I are going to have to figure out a way to help her pull this off!  Yikes…

Along with her newfound success in the traditional academic world, she continues to flourish in the lesser acclaimed fields.  Why, just the other night she announced a new talent.  Her exact words were these: “Look, Daddy!  I can lick my chest!”  Then she proceeded to do so.  While a little distressing, it is also a remarkably impressive.  You try it.

She also helped clarify a little mix-up we were apparently having with her.  Over dinner last night, she was talking non-stop.  Brian suggested she should probably have spent some time at the park, seeing as how she was so full of energy.  She patiently explained that there were two types of energy.  One was in the body and it makes you bouncy and wild.  The other is only in the mouth and it makes you talk and talk and talk and …..  You get the idea.  Apparently, she was only full of mouth energy last night.


  1. kinda reminds me of someone who used to have the nickname, CindyMouthMuncy.


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