Thursday, March 15, 2012

It is done!

Whew!  What a day.  We made tons of meals, had some interesting conversations and enjoyed listening to the kids’ laughter.  I don’t know yet how many meals either family ended up freezing, but we all worked our tails off and had a lot of fun.  My feet are just screaming at me, though.

One point of excitement was that I had a reaction to touching raw Italian sausage.  I broke out in burning rashes all over my body.  I ran to take a Benadryl and returned to work.  Several hours later, with the kitchen clean and empty, I thought I would soothe my body with a relaxing bath.  Now I will always remember to not mix Benadryl with bathing.  I fell asleep and Brian had to wake me up!

Speaking of my poor man, we didn’t clear the kitchen until almost 11, then he got a scare thinking I had died in the tub and then his alarms didn’t wake him up so he was late to work!  Poor guy!  On a totally selfish note, I had been looking forward to sleeping in a touch to let my own body recover.  Not a possibility when someone wakes up with that panic. 

So, pray Brian does well at work and my body restores while resuming regularly scheduled programming.

I may post later about some of the neat conversations we had over the last couple of days.  We covered religion, faith, Christian culture, sex in its varied aspects, life stories, forgiveness, families, apologetics, ecclesiology, education, science, music… I can’t think of what else.  Oh yeah…dogs.  Mine are currently driving me up the wall, so they were discussed at length.

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