Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dinner and Games

The other day we had a friend invite us over to cook and play games.  Right on the heals of a big cook and fighting a headache that wouldn’t quit, my first impulse was to say no.  Boy, am I glad that I didn’t follow that impulse!  We made egg rolls and fried rice—yummmmmmm!!  Dessert was something that is probably illegal in several states and totally worth breaking the rules. We played a trivia game with the kids.  The kids played on their own and we ladies got a chance to visit.  It was such a treat!

As I sat on the couch eating cookie dough baked into fudge brownie, I listened to the kids talking to one another.  I wanted the moment to freeze.  They were bantering and laughing.  It was warm inside and raining outside.  The baby was charming the socks off of everyone.  Dogs were sweet and undemanding (she has better dogs than I do).  It was perfect.  A perfect moment and I am so thankful that I was aware enough to still myself and breathe it in.

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