Sunday, March 11, 2012

Blessings for Japan

Last year Japan was hit first by a 9.0 earthquake (that number is so high, it doesn’t even seem real), then a tsunami that took nearly 16000 lives, then a nuclear scare when the integrity of some of their plants were compromised.  I remember when the earthquake hit and heard the magnitude.  It astonished me.  Fives and sixes kill people.  They had a NINE!  But because of smart engineering, the country was relatively unscathed.  It was remarkable and admirable and something to be celebrated.

Then the tsunami came.  The tragedy was heartbreaking.  Then fear over nuclear leaks and politics stepped in.  Now, a year later, the country takes the day to remember.  I pray for the Japanese.  I pray for healing, continued ingenuity, comfort and salvation.

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