Saturday, March 24, 2012

God is like a car?

Yesterday we were discussing evangelism, which quickly led to the names and persons of God.  Madi said she sometimes gets confused by all the names of God.  Why do we use so many names for Him?  She listed God, Jesus, Lord, Holy Spirit (in that order), Father, Brother, Son, Friend, Helper, Defender.  So we talked about it.

We discussed what each name meant, like Lord means boss and Father is the caring one who brings you to life.  The Holy Spirit gives gifts and helps grow fruit and an Advocate stands up for us, speaking on our behalf.  God does all of these things.  Some words refer to the personhood of God, while others describe roles or actions of God.

Finally we summed it up by comparing God to a car.   No one says, “Hey, I just bought a seatbelt, some tires, a steering wheel, trunk and engine!”  We just say, “I bought a car.”  We know when someone says that, they now have all those things plus mirrors, brake pedal and seats—at least we hope so!

But when it comes to God, there is no single word that conveys all of His aspects and parts, so we have to list them.  It can get a little confusing, so it helps to remember that they are all parts of one amazing uncontainable whole.

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