Friday, March 23, 2012

National Goof Off Day

Goof Off EggsYesterday was National Goof Off Day, did you know?  I had a vague idea when I woke up to do something with the kids in honor of the day, but hadn’t given it much thought.  I did mention it to Max as he was making his breakfast, though.  We did morning school stuff, then I went to Bible study.

I was a little later than usual getting home, so I got a text from Max asking where I was, and that Madi was waiting on the porch for me.  I was eager to see what she wanted, but it was still another good 20-25 minutes before we pulled into the drive.  

My friend brought me home and we were laughing as I got out of the car.  I was startled to turn around and see my two kids bouncing with excitement.  My kids have never met me in the driveway before, so even after the shock I was feeling a little perplexed by their presence.  They announced that there was a surprise was waiting for me. 

Madi's orange iceI followed them inside after saying goodbye to my friend, and noticed Madi’s pants ties were trailing after her.  I said, “Oh, no, Madi.  It looks like you’ve grown tails.”  She laughed and said it was National Goof Off Day so her clothes were on backward.  I was just tickled.  She should really be in charge of our special days.  Her eagerness and playfulness is such a blessing to our boring family.Madi's tails

I came in to see one of the dining chairs laden with pillows as a throne for me.  I sat (after greeting the dogs-who-will-not-be-ignored) and she placed before me a plate wrapped in tin foil.  She removed it with a flourish to reveal a most colorful dish of food.  She had made me fried eggs dyed green and blue—with still some white and yellow showing.  It was a sight to behold.  It was even still warm!  I flipped my shirt backwards and inside out, then dug in to a delicious lunch. (Dinner sported pink milk.)

Max told me how he had walked into the school room to look up the lyrics to Fur Elise (his contribution to Goof Off Day), and found the computer on with a favorite game running—and his own stuffed animals playing it.  This was Madi’s ‘trick’ for him.  For Daddy, she made orange ice cubes. 


  1. I love Madi's spirit. I do not think, however, that I would have been able to eat those eggs. ;)

  2. Brian still hasn't used er orange ice. :(. Lol


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