Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Big Cook Coming!

It is that time again.  And it has been a while!  We choose about 15 recipes and double them.  We buy the ingredients and cook it all up in a couple of days to freeze.  Then the meals are ready to go for the months to come.  Some people live this way—cooking once a month and dining only on the frozen meals until the next month.  I am not that cool.  I do a big cook when our budget will allow for it and my calendar is open to it. 

The budget thing is kind of a fake-out, though.  It is actually much (much!) cheaper to feed a family this way, but you do need all the money up front.  That requires planning and perfect timing.  I set the money aside for groceries at the beginning of the month, but if I don’t cook right away, someone has to run to the store for this or that, and that, then that….  Then the budget is shot and we eat more randomly (read: foolishly) that month.

Our last big cook was in November, so we are very ready to get some meals set to ready for family and sharing.  Today we shop and prep.  We got girlie-friends spending the night, then we rise tomorrow for cook-cook-cooking.  We like doing big cooks with friends, and this friend is a go-getter.  She shames me because I would quit long before she even begins to fade.  I really benefit from her work-ethic, though I probably curse it when my feet and back are screaming at me.

What’s on the menu?

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