Saturday, March 3, 2012

Snow Escapade!

Before I share about our backyard wonderland, I want to say happy birthday to my cherished big sis!  You can watch our little thermometer on the side of the blog as we save the money to visit her. 

snow, 2012 017We have gotten so very little snow this winter.  While I miss the beautiful white scenes and the snow shoveling, I also grow concerned about the type of summer we will have.  A few years ago it seemed all California was on fire, and I think we may repeat that this year because of how little moisture we’ve received.  So, join me in prayer about that, k?

When it does snow, we soak it up with even more appreciation than normal.  Monday we finally got some and even with the kids under the weather we couldn’t stay inside!  We started out cuddling in bed by a window, but the flakes were so giant, we just had to run out to play for a bit. 

snow, 2012 003

snow, 2012 023










snow, 2012 013snow, 2012 012







snow, 2012 007







snow, 2012 015snow, 2012 024The kids (and dogs) and I had fun catching flakes on our tongues.  Can you see Ava’s tongue?  She totally caught one!




snow, 2012 008


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