Friday, March 30, 2012

Our morning routine

We have a pretty nice morning routine.  Before I get out of bed I read my Bible and pray.  I get up and get myself ready.  Then I gather laundry and start a load, turn on my computer to play some praise music, gather dishes and wake the kids.  I take the dogs into the front yard, look up at the sky and pray some more.  Finally I settle in front of the sink to tackle dishes while the kids eat.  There isn’t a lot of conversation, but I stop to give hugs or rub a back as I move around the kitchen.  We might talk a little about last night’s dreams or our day’s plans.  When clean dishes are put away and dirty are in the dish washer, I grab my own breakfast and eat while I post on this blog.  The kids finish up their own morning chores before we begin our school day with Bible and prayer.  It is a great way to begin any day for my family.

I hadn’t realized how important some of these elements were to my to getting the day started just right until last Wednesday.  I got up without first reading my Bible.  I went back to bed to read, but just outside my door my whole family was gathered to watch Men In Black II.  That was a little distracting, so I went to my son’s room to read.  But I walked in to see a pile of laundry, including damp towels.  Maybe my daughter’s room would be better.  Nope.  Trash from the rabbit, dirty clothes and clutter on the dresser.  I came back into the family room and announced a 20 minute clean-up.  I went to snuggle back into my own bed to read, now that the movie was paused.  But I never got the day back.  Everything was funky and off the rest of the day.

I don’t want to be that rigid and high maintenance to require a routine to be a normal person.  While I work on that, I praise the Lord once again for this beautiful home.  We began this routine in our old house.  But we didn’t have this great porch for me to pray on in the morning.  I couldn’t wash dishes, listen to softly playing music and be in the company of my kids all at the same time in the old place, either.  I used to do dishes before bed, because the kitchen was just so isolating.  I didn’t like being in there when I was supposed to be with the kids.  Now I go to bed with my husband at night!  Novelty. 

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