Monday, July 26, 2010

Fun day--another without school

It is so easy for me to get caught up in the lists of life.  I bought next year's curriculum, and I am only at the beginning of the second semester of our current school year.  I don't regret the purchase--we had the money and needed to buy it then, before the new year's prices went up.  But ...I am SO EAGER!!!  lol

I feel like a kid left alone in the room with a full cookie and orders to not touch.  I want to plow through the rest of this year so I can start with those beautiful new shiny books.  ust check off the lessons as quickly as possible so I can be DONE.  But I keep reminding myself that the goal for our school is to never 'just get through it.'  And I remember when the books we are reading now were new and shiny, too. They are great, and deserve some lingering.

Now that is just curriculum--listing school.  Like dealing with the temptation to get obsessive about that isn't enough, I struggle with seeing our 'off' days as valid, too!  Today we have some dear friends whom we see so rarely visiting.  It is wonderful!  But it took me almost a month to schedule this get-together!   I have been so busy pushing through school, that I don't want to take time off to hang with friends--there is no check box labeled 'hang with friends!'  I deserve a good shaking.  I am thankful we have the freedom to take break from sit-down school to love on old friends--guilt free!

This afternoon, we will be meeting with some girlfriends and their moms to play games, eat food, craft and chat.  How cool is that? 

My life is truly blessed, when I can get out of the way and let it be.

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