Sunday, July 25, 2010

First day at the Senior Living Community

Today we finally went to the retirement home. I have been wanting to go since the beginning of the year and finally got around to calling in June--for shame!!

But they seem to be just like I am, because they don't return my calls and won't help us get started with volunteering. The lady I spoke with did say that Bingo is played every day at 3. I had three days in the last two weeks when I was available at 3, and on each of them, I remembered at 4! Arg!

So, it is on my calendar now, and we went today for the first time. It was really nice. I ended up being the caller, my girl tumbled the balls and my boy helped place the poker chips on the giant Bingo cards for one of the ladies playing. She was really sweet to him.

I learned that there are several patterns that make up different games of Bingo, like Postage Stamp and Bingo, Bingo, Blackout. My kids have never actually played Bingo within their memory, so they got a lesson, too.

It turns out it is a state run facility, which means background checks and fingerprinting, but hopefully we can jump through those hoops and expand the horizons of my little lambs. :)

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