Thursday, July 29, 2010

What a day!

I know it is a bad idea to start our school day much after 8 am.  I know this.  So I started a little after 8.  I got distracted by the printer not printing, but tried to stay on track.  Then I remembered my nephew's birthday, so we had to call to sing to him.  But, I was good and got us back to schooling. 

But then my older sister called.  So I sent the kids to do their independent work while I talked to her.  I thought that was OK, you know, since they were still technically doing school.  I made lunch and let them eat.  Then we got right back to school.

I read Caddie Woodlawn--love it!  Next came Science and Recorder.  No problem, sort of.  Finally it was time to finish the independent work they hadn't gotten to this morning.  *sigh*  We all reached our breaking point.  One hour for 6 math problems, crying through an article on the Titanic (I mean, attitudinal tears, not sympathetic ones!), resisting the new song on piano...ARG!!

It is 5:00 pm!!  The sweet homeschool mom with an abundance of patience and creative ways to keep kids happily on track is lost.  Gone.  No one even noticed when she left, but everyone sure sat up and took notice when the crazy woman who replaced her walked in!

I need to make dinner, but I know lunch hasn't even been put away.  Where did this day go??

So we stop.  It's not like anyone is going to learn anything but possibly new words not worth learning. 

Lord, please stand in my gaps.  Cover us all in your mercy.  Help me to apologize and please wipe this yucky day from their memories over time.  Why do I let ashen things upset me so?  Tomorrow is a new day, but I don't want to throw this one away just yet.  Salvage it, Lord.  Let the memory be of love and renewal, rather than poor time management and bad attitudes all around.  Thanks and Amen!

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