Saturday, October 3, 2009

OH, my!

We were at the supermarket, checking out and Madi and Brian were fooling around. I said, "take a pill," to Madi. She didn't understand, so Brian explained it was take a chill pill from the eighties. And he said it was something we used to say when we were growing up.

And Madi, asked, 'together?; And Brian said, no. We are in Susanville, so I knew that was a possibility. So I wasn't upset by the question. But then she said, 'because you're brother and sister.' Right at that moment I had my hand out, accepting change from the cashier. Our eyes met, just as Madi said the words with less question in her voice than I would have liked.

I froze for a moment, and then exaggeratedly said, 'WE'RE NOT!'


  1. LOL! Madi needs to know that we were not all blessed by brothers like she and Lydia are!

  2. LOL It was so embarassing. I don't get that embarassed anymore, and I am sur the chashier wasn't even listenning, but...It just caught me so off guard that I got all flustered, realizing it was so stupid to declare that we aren't brother and sister, but I couldnt' make myself shut up!


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