Friday, February 1, 2013

My Man's Birthday

Today my hero turns 42.  He is the answer to life, the universe and everything!  

I am so thankful to be married to this particular man.  I was thrilled to marry him way back when I did, never realizing how perfect he was for me and our family.  This truth awes me.  As time has passed, he has become only more perfect for us.  How was I to have guessed that as a 22 year old crazy girl?  Thank the Lord for His provision!

Because I married this man, I had this boy and this girl.  They are all marvelous.  Because these kids have this man to call dad, they are game-loving, Dr. Who-watching, HG Wells-reading, dancing, playful, apologetics-respecting geek-nerds who are fully comfortable in their own skins.  Because this lady has this man to call husband, I am loved-loved-loved unconditionally and unfailingly.  I have a picture of Christ right in my own home that staggers me with a sense of my worth.

Because of this man, we get to live as we do.  Home-birthing, home-schooling, home-churching happy off-center people we are.  He is terrific.  He encourages us to do what we dream, to follow Christ more fully and to live fearlessly.

Thanks, God, for making this amazing guy for us!  We couldn't have done it better.

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