Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Best Easter Ever!

That is what my girl called it today at the local diner over a double root beer float. And while I hesitate to use superlatives, I must agree that it was a great Easter.

A dear friend from high school brought a boyfriend up yesterday, stayed the night and spent most of the day with us. My husband only had to work a half-day, so we got him from 10 am on! Blessings overflow!

We did Resurrection Eggs last night. I embarassd myself a bit by doubling the recipe--so NOT needed. And then they didn't turn out. The were gooey and SWEET. Like diabetic coma sweet.

But if the definition of perfect on this fallen world includes mistakes that don't derail, these days were perfect. My friend makes my kids feel like they are 10 feet tall and can do no wrong. There is no reason for her doting. We aren't blood related. We have nothing but Jesus in common. But she visits every couple of years and we all feel so special in her presence. That is one special person who can do that. I can only hope to be as positive and as big a blessing to the people I meet.

Actually, I feel a little uncomfortable with the attention she gives my kids. No one else gives them that kind of time. I feel that she MUST be tolerating them. She MUST be bored. Incidentally, I think she must feel the same when my husband or I am talking. But the kids... Only those of blood spend anywhere near the energy on my kids than does this woman.

She read a chapter of my son's new book, read his comic strips, watched my daughters four dances on the recital DVD and chatted them up endlessly. They brought Easter baskets for them--fuller than our own for the kids. It awes me.

To be loved even though we are small and boring humbles me. It brings tears to my eyes when my daughter cries quietly after the door closes to their departure. They are confident in her love. They know they are special. They won't be pushed away or ignored. They will be a delight.

I thank the Lord for this strange friend of mine. I cannot make rhyme or reason why she keeps in touch and still comes to visit. But in the same moment I pray she comes again.

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