Thursday, April 1, 2010

What a tricky pooch!

We have a muddy backyard. It isn't cool, but it is what it is. We just bathed out Beagle, and after bath,we keep her out of the backyard. She is thoroughly a Beagle and just loves to get dirty, so clean dog and out backyard are a messy combination.

She is a good dog, though. Well trained. She knows that whenever she is going to throw up, she must get outside. So, check out my dog. The kids are out in the backyard right now and it is just killing our puppy to be left out of the fun.

Next thing we know, she is gagging. Coughing. Spitting! Can dogs spit?? I jokingly compared her to a tantrum throwing toddler who holds her breath until she gets her way. My husband and I started paying closer attention, and I think that is exactly what she is doing!! She is fake-barfing!! Can you believe that?

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