Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sick Kids

:( So sad when the kids get sick. Our homeschool group has been hit so hard with all manner of infections this school year. Of course, many have been, but I can only speak from what I know. We have sixteen families in our group, and about 4 or 5 have escaped with only minor encounters. Others have spend weeks upon weeks battling one sick after another. Several have been in ERs and admitted to the hospital. It has been a rough year.

But we have actually been among the minority in staying relatively healthy. When we do get sick, it hasn't run through every family member and it doesn't last beyond a couple of days.

Yesterday we were hit. My daughter first complained, but I discovered later that it was my son who first had symptoms. He kept it a secret because he thought I would put him to bed. So we went ahead with our homeschool Club PALS class!! I hosted families with a sick kid. This year, with the cloud of sick, that is quite a sin! But praise the Lord, after a long night of fevers and congestion, both are better.

My daughter is symptom free. My boy is still healing.

I live among families who really are conscientious about holistic, herbal and natural remedies for sickness. One lady gives her kids vinegar for sickness and allergies. It seems to work in alleviating symptoms for a time... Others are really careful about avoiding modern medications.

I feel like I have this secret because I don't do any of that. I buy OTC meds and pour them into the sick of this household. When I start to feel a little under, I take NyQuil. Every night until symptoms are gone. If I could, I would give it to my kids. I have found sleepy symptom alleviates for kids, though, and I give it out liberally.

And, though I avoid the shocked stares of my peers, I stand by my practices because it works for us. And I am thankful!

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