Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Taxes are Done!

I am feeling like I have just rolled a load off of my shoulders that I have been carrying around for months on end! I knew we were going to owe this year and I have been dreading it. We had someone else work out the taxes this year because I have the business, and we were worried I would make a mistake.

To our horror, the results were worse than we'd anticipated. I have just been praying about it since the verdict was handed down. It felt wrong. One of the most frustrating things was to not know how it happened. I have always done the taxes on my own and I can tell what hits hard and what gives us a boost.

So, I asked my wonderfully supportive husband to go get the papers back from the tax company for my chicken-hearted self. I plugged it all in and, lo and behold! I saved us 2/3 of what the company was going to have us pay! How is that possible? Because the Lord is good! Now we don't have to borrow money from my little sister! I know some who owe don't like to pay until the very last minute, but I went ahead and filed and paid that day. Now I am done. Money is gone, *sniff*, I have nothing to worry about any more.

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