Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bug vomit!

Last night my boy and I were sitting together enjoying a quiet moment. He was telling me about his day. Earlier in the afternoon, he had been outside on the phone with his cousin. This is an all time favorite activity for both boys, which will be evidenced without room for doubt in just a moment. The both have gotten in trouble for rushing through chores or school to get on the phone with one another and ignoring incoming calls to continue their conversation.

But yesterday afternoon was a unique display of loyalty. Apparently a bug flew into my son's mouth. So what does he do? He threw up! Twice!!!!

As he was telling me, ever so nonchalantly, I looked at him in shock. This is my boy who can't stand anything to do with sick, from the medicine to the suffering symptoms--like vomiting. He cries when he throws up. And now, he is lounging and telling me that he did it twice today. He thought my shock was because of some other reason, and he worked to assuage it by assuring me that he had 'leaned over the trampoline.' Well, that's a relief?

I asked him why he didn't come in to tell me. He looked at me like I was growing flowers out of my ears. 'I was on the phone.' Of course.

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