Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pass the Corn, Please

So, I have had this blog for...a year? Not quite a year? However long, I haven't really understood what a blog is. Is it a diary? A series of soliloquies? A way to quench the exhibitionist in us? I couldn't figure it out.

I watched the movie Julie and Julia, and have been thinking about it. But first, I must say that was a GREAT movie! And both lead actresses just knocked it out of the ball park! The onion slicing scene was so perfectly wonderful. Art.

Anyhow, as I have pondered the purpose of blogging and other things, like our society, the makeup of family and such, I think I may have hit on an at least an aspect of the heart of blogging. Because the makeup of family is changing, and biological families are spreading far and wide, we haven't the local unit that once defined it. And because of our microwave, multiple calendar, hustle life-styles, even within the new definition of family, it isn't easy to get everyone together with any regularity. And finally, because of our technological age, we are able to access information and even relationships by using technology, the idea of blogging comes to be.

If I am understanding it correctly, blogging is our new generation's version of the family dinner table. We update people on our lives. We discuss issues important to us. We share something of ourselves to keep us rooted and connected to something. The dinner table is something of a dying phenomenon. We eat in the car, in front of the TV, separately, on the run. We don't have the regularity that the dinner table once represented and provided for family conversation. Just because that is disappearing, it doesn't mean the hunger for soul nourishment is gone. On the contrary, our need to be heard, to matter, is rising. I think the practice of blogging is being used to fill that need.

This revelation gives me great peace and a new excitement about blogging. I like human connection. I like sharing ideas and the funny things that happen through my day with people who can grow to care and relate. Now that I like it, I guess it is extra sad that no one reads this blog!

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