Monday, March 1, 2010

Break Time

we are enjoying the break from school right now. I am eager to get back to routine, but for the first time, wondering how we will maintain some of the aspects we've developed over this break. Usually, not much in the way of productivity happens on breaks. Screens, screens, screens and fighting is our normal fare.

But this time, the kids have played lots of board games, and I am trying (with white knuckles) to be faithful to an exercise routine. I wonder how to be good about fitting in these things when we get back to schooling. It is important to me to work them in as natural parts of the day we won't do without.

I am looking forward to summer. That is such a funny thing for me to write! I can't really stand the heat, but I am anticipating the longer days, earlier sunrises and getting more done without having to wake up before the sun. Last summer was really great for us. I pray we have another blessed season--maybe I will change my mind about my least favorite time of year!

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