Monday, March 15, 2010

Funny Girl

Just a couple of snippets from her sweet mouth.

We were watching TV, and heard a scream from the back. My husband (of 13 years, that is fun to say), walked back to check on the situation. He asked our daughter why she was screaming (I don't know anyone who truly delights in screaming like she does, but she does get in trouble for it). She quickly apologized and said that she had just 'extincted' a town on her computer game and 'got a little proud.' Ain't she cute?

Today is the second anniversary of her baptism. I have the dates for both kids marked in my yahoo calendar, along with the story of what brought them to the decision. So this morning, I read it to the kids and said, 'happy birthday.'

Just now she approached me and asked if we could do something really, really special as a family, you know, since it is her 'bath-tized' birthday. :) She's always been a little literal. lol She's a crack up.

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