Sunday, March 21, 2010

Short legged Chihuahuas

We were working in our God's Design For Sex series. I work with each kid individually, reading a chapter each assignment. With my son, we got through the chapter and I was asking if he had any extra questions. I always hold my breath at this point.

The response is so unpredictable with both kids. I can get anything from, 'nope, thanks!' to 'how many pencils can you hold in your hand at one time?' to something actually on topic. My son said that he did have a question. "How do dogs do it? I mean, does one roll over?"

There is no limit to where this time will lead! I answered his question best this non-dog-person can. He cracked himself up and said, "Well, I guess we should hope that the boy is never a chihuahua!!" He laughed for a solid three minutes, and could not stop giggling enough to get anything worthwhile out of him for the rest of our lesson. He tickles himself. ...and me!

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