Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ah, Spring?

Sprig is in the air. That is a good thing, right? My friends all endure the winter months with their eyes firmly fixed to the promise of spring. Spring has all this romantic attachment to it, too. It is all about new life, Easter, garden planting, cleaning, freshness. Ooh-la-la! I like all that stuff, too, which makes it even harder to not like spring!

My darling husband has spring allergies that are so bad, just getting to the car from the front door without a sneezing attach or BFF headache is a challenge. When you have to do everything outdoors without your life mate, it just loses some of its color. Plus, people keep saying it is warm, but, frankly, I am cold!! On top of that is knowing that on the heels of spring comes summer.

The summer season is such a source of stress for me. Our homeschool group enjoys taking advantage of the weather to get outside more. I like that. And I really like getting out of town for tours. After nine months couped up in this little town, the prospect of dealing with non-local businesses is mouth-watering! But, the heat really gets to me. I become unsafe, more susceptible to fainting. And there really isn't anything I can do about it. It is just hot and my body doesn't do hot.

So, while my friends can barely keep up with schooling for the pure joy that fills their souls as they step out into the sun, I fight down the foreboding dread that wells up inside me. I set my eyes to the fiery colors that are promised to come with autumn.

Praise the Lord for his creation. He truly has something for all of us. It just isn't my turn right now to enjoy the weather!

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