Friday, March 19, 2010

First Day!

Today was what we call our Shin Dig for Club PALS. It is our kick-off and parent training day for the coming session. We are learning about contentment this session. It was a great day talking with the ladies, walking them through the classes and getting to know one another a little bit more. I love KidsROCK so much, and what it offers. Club PALS offers what is he epitome of KidsROCK: personal connection, acting love. Our motto is Homeschool Support and Enrichment. This is it in a nutshell. Every new session gets me all fired up for what we can do for each other.

This afternoon, I taught a Young Learners Class, which is a cross between preschool and Sunday School. We watched A Snoodle's Tale. Oh, I love that movie. I forgot it makes me cry! I took pictures of the kids, let them decorate foam frames to put them in, plus a bookmark. We made birdseed names, build with manipulatives, and played with Oobleck. Lots in a two hour period.

I love those little ones. They are so honest and trusting. It honors me to be trusted, so I really take it seriously. I like to be direct and honest right back to them. They deserve it.

I enjoy their wonder and awe. I love how there is none of that pride that tempers the excitement in older kids. They aren't having to impress anyone, or worry about being teased for not knowing something. As a result, they are free to get really into things. That kind of intensity and openness is priceless and I want to encourage it--to stay off that self-awareness that kills the self.

Man, kids are great!!

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