Saturday, March 13, 2010

Last day of vacation!

Tomorrow is our first day of the new year. I told the kids last night that today would be our last vacation day. My girl just sort of wrinkled her nose and didn't respond. I whooped and hollered like someone at a football game and told her I wouldn't stop until I heard some cheering from her. Stubborn gal refused!

I asked why she wasn't excited about the new year. She said that she didn't like school. Where are those homeschool catalog moments, huh?? She then asked if she was going to be in the fourth grade. I stalled.

We are doing our school years in such a funny way and we went back a couple of levels with the year we just finished. The level we are beginning is a condensed version of levels three and four. We will continue to push through our school year (with the will of God) and eventually get to my son's grade level, but for now we are still a little below -ish.

So, I stalled.

Finally I said that we don't really do grades, but she could tell people she was in the fourth grade come fall--that would be when kids her age would start fourth grade. I am of the mind to answer that question in keeping with peers relative grade level, because I honestly think that is why adults ask--it is just a question to ask. I don't' think most people really care.

This answer (without the explanation) didn't make her feel better. I can understand. I mean, I told her she was in third grade, then we did finish the year, and now we are starting a new one. What is there to celebrate when you are still in the third grade??

I asked what grade do you want to be in. She said 100th. I said, 'sure. You are in 100th grade!' Then she stopped giggling and said that she really wanted to be in the fourth grade. My heart softened. Of course you are in the fourth grade, gal!

Then she got up and did the most disturbing dance with the ugliest gleeful face!! She was so happy! LOL I had to grab the camera before the 'rhythm' ran out.

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