Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dual Citizenship

As Christians, we try to live with dual citizenship; we try to get along in this world and in the Kingdom. We know we aren't supposed to be of this world. We know we are sojourners, waiting for the things of this world to pass away. But how do we pull off being only visitors when we must be here so long, when we need to get schooling, housing, work? Honestly, I think we give up.

Even the church gave up. Churches today do not look like churches in the Bible. They are organized like businesses. Throughout time, we have modeled ourselves after organizations in the world. We adpoted their terminology, practices and pictures of authority.

Families gave up. There is an expectation for teens to rebel, even among Christians. The divorce rate among Christians equals that of non-believers. We've adopted the world's way of coming together; we date.

When we live with a foot in each world, it is a little silly to wonder why things aren't working out so well for us. At our adoption into the family of God, we renounce this world and all the things in it. We need to renounce its practices, as well. We need to have faith that God is what He says He is, means what He says He means.

We believe in theory that Christ as leader is good and right. We believe in theory that a child can come to Christ and not rebel. We believe, in theory, that two people can meet, stay pure, marry, and stay married.

But then the 'practical' side takes over. While Christ can lead, how can you really expect a number of people to come together and NOT have some organization, NOT have a leader. It doesn't make sense to do it otherwise. It would be chaos!

While God can bring two people together, and it is possible for them to not be alone, not exchange emotional or physical intimacies until their wedding day, it just isn't practical in this day and age. People need to 'test the waters.' Everyone dates. Girls go away to college, move out of the house and start careers. How can you actually court with the daughter living 3 hours away? We've just got to trust her to 'be good.'

While marriage lasting forever is ideal, sometimes it just isn't practical. People outgrow one another. Sometimes one grows and the other stagnates. What about abuse? There are many practical reasons to end a marriage.


What if we gave up citizenship of this world entirely? What if we threw practicality to the wind and actually trusted God with more than just our lips? How about trusting Him to be the head of His Body? How about following Biblical instructions regarding the formation of marriage? That may give us the help we need to follow His will to maintain marriage throughout life!

We must remember His ways are not our ways--but that His ways are to bless us. The wisdom of this world is foolishness in Truth. We have the Holy Spirit in all His wisdom to lead us, bless us and protect us. What more do we need?

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