Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The legacy of Grandpa Stan

I said I have had lots to ponder in the days following my grandpa's passing. One of the things that struck me so resoundly at the memorial and lunch was the constancy of character that was my grandpa. He was Grandpa, Dad, Friend, Son, Brother, Husband, and whatnot. But within those roles, he never changed. Every person who shared about Stan said the same thing!

He loved games, stories--true and otherwise--jokes, hard work, and the Lord. He couldn't sing, but that didn't stop him from singing ever grand kid to sleep. He loved the outdoors and the honesty of a hard day's work.

Everyone attested to this. And it wasn't a forceful, willful thing. It just was. Grandpa just played games, with neighbors, siblings, church friends, sons, wife, grand kids. We all who knew him played a game with him.

We all who knew him heard stories. They were great stories, though the story was far more important than the facts. We all heard the same jokes over and over again. In fact there was a point where he just numbered his jokes and called out 'Number 7!' and we all knew the joke and laughed. We'd all gone on a hike with Grandpa, knew to pick a good walking stick. Grandpa took everyone he knew on fishing trips. Anyone who knew him could attest to the hard work he put into life. He didn't shy away from getting dirty and sore, or learning a new skill to get the job done.

And my grandpa loved the Lord. He read His Word every day. He went to church and loved the people there. He raised a family to know Him and serve Him. He cared in a way that could only be done with the Creator as the source.

He sang without being able to carry much of a tune, he cuddled fussy babies to sleep, he opened his home to everyone with the Spirit's hospitality.

I love the example this man has been for me. I love that he was who he was. Strangers got up to speak about him, and I knew exactly what they were saying, because I'd seen it with my own eyes.

I love that I am descended from love. I had almost forgotten, thinking I would need to reinvent the wheel and begin a line of love for my kids. But the memorial reminded me love has come before me. Grandpa is a great picture of God. Never changing, solid, doing the right thing day by day and letting it add up on its own to a legacy.

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