Sunday, March 21, 2010

Old Friends

I just sent off an old friend this morning from a wonderful evening and morning of visiting. She let me know earlier in the week that she was coming this way and asked if she could spend the night here.

It was such a treat! We haven't had out of town guests in a long while. And, we were able to welcome her into our school morning. I have never had anyone join us for school. I don't want to put pressure on my kids to perform. I don't want one morning to represent homeschooling to anyone who is against it or on the fence about it. I love homeschooling and talk about it all the time, but I guess I am pretty private and protective of our own school days.

My kids aren't perfect. Nor am I. I have always imagined feeling that we would be too vulnerable to allow someone to observe or participate with us. But I am so glad we did this. Normally, I would have just skipped school, and made up the lost time later. But we are only on the first day of our second week. I don't feel it is good for the kids to be off routine before we are even settled in to it yet.

Last night was a lot of fun. We just chatted. Shared about life, caught up on news and shared about our churches. I appreciate her love for the Lord and that it is bigger than her desire for others to conform. We are sure different!! Some are so uncomfortable with our differences, we can't really talk church. But we were able to without having to defend ourselves or compare what we do to anything else. It was a great visit.

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