Sunday, February 28, 2010

Big Dreams

My boy has decided he wants to be a writer. So he has just been writing away for a while now. He has written three book in a series, and is now starting on the fifth chapter to something entirely different. It is science fiction and in limited first person. He has immediately identified the challenges of writing in first person and is enjoying the limitations and finding creative ways to get information to the reader.

He has a great sense for dialog. He has created this world with its own vocabulary and vernacular. His main character speaks oddly, and he communicates that well. He was elated--E-lated--today when his mom, aunt AND dad all took turns reading the book. He couldn't keep his feet on the floor or wipe the smile from his face. All this from a boy who couldn't speak! :)

I want to give him plenty of tastes and even giant bites of these rewards for his efforts. Any dream worth pursuing will have obstacles in the roads. The size of those obstacles, I believe, are largely about perception or perspective. If you've already invested and spent time walking the road and experimenting some benefits, a few rocks won't deter you. If you've been able to dream and visualize the road around some of the bends, even boulders won't slow you down.

I have had many dreams in my life that never came to fruition for any number of reasons. Fear and inertia are at the top of the list and fully my problem. But lack of encouragement is another. Not being pointed in any direction at all or given any latitude to pursue interests are some more. I think these gave rise to my own fear and inertia problems. If I ever had an interest, the general response was that it was neat, but time or money wouldn't allow for any real exploration and if we take a little time, the interest will wane.

I still have big dreams, and never does the tiny voice in the back of my head not say, 'it will never happen.'

I fear I will fail big time as a mom in this same area. Will I have the time, money and wherewithal to help my kids really go after something they are interested in? I pray so. I don't want them rising to mediocrity because I have trained them to expect less of themselves. My son loves writing and wants this right now. I want him to have plenty of positive experiences to make it worth CHOOSING challenges to further his goals. If he bores of it, that will be OK, but I sure don't want it to be from my lacking!

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