Thursday, February 25, 2010

Good Memories

My kids have been so sweet to me on this sad day. My girl has been most interested in hearing about who my grandpa was to me. My aunt posted old pictures of Grandpa with his sons and the first set of grandkids. I got to tell them about that magical time when the mommas were having babies one after the other. After me, I think there was a baby born every year for another good 5 to 7 years.

There was also a picture of Granddad holding a cranky cousin in a rocking chair. I got to tell the kids about how this scene happened time and again for at least a decade: Grandpa rockin' a fussy baby. He sang this song: bee-dee-dee-dee-de-de-bee-de-deee. Made up southern nasal noise. And we all fell asleep to it.

While we may have been too young to remember our own turn falling asleep, we saw every kid after us, so we knew it had been the same when we were small. And that song! We all know it. We'd all pressed our ears to his chest to feel the song as we gave in to sleep.

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