Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Moving of the Spirit

Last night my son came to us. He was very serious and said that he had just spent some time with God. It seems he had a dream last night and couldn't get it out of his head. He figured there were three options for what it meant. First, it could mean nothing. Second, it could be an inspiration for a book. And third, it could mean that God was calling him to be closer to him.

My poor boy could barely get the words out on the third option. We talked a long time with him, trying to hear him, and not add our own interpretation or preconceptions. He was feeling that he had let the minutia of life get in the way of having a close relationship with the Lord and he was really beating himself up over it.

How do we instill the surety of salvation in our kids? I am always surprised to hear their too-frequent worries or desires to ask for salvation, to secure their place in heaven, and their fear that they aren't being good enough to really be in good standing with God. How many times to I have to tell them that they were never good enough to get to heaven on their own? How do I transfer that knowledge from their heads with security to their hearts and souls? It breaks my heart to see the keen over their failings. Am I too condemning? Lord, save them from me!

Our conversation last night was good. Very good. We talked about how we all fall short. We told him that if he heard God calling to him, it is a sign that he DOES hear. He knows the Good Shepherd's voice. We reminded about the story of Samuel as a child. We told him to just say, 'here I am, Lord.'

I am thankful that he is so sensitive to the Spirit. But I do pray that they both could rest more securely in their salvation.

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