Thursday, February 11, 2010

Baby Crazy

We just love babies. And babies are being had all around us. It is wonderful to see them so small and snugly. I have enjoyed to the fullest talking to my kids about babies and their development. They have enjoyed to the fullest hearing stories from their own baby-hood.

We were at a friend's doing a big 30 meal cook on Sunday. She has an 11 month old whose been walking a while now. She is at that stage where her body can do so much more than her brain can keep up with. She needs lots of eyes watching her when the single pair of momma eyes aren't available.

My son told me after we came home that he found the baby stuck in the bathroom. She had straddled the door and couldn't get out and was crying. My monkey-boy said he couldn't get the door to open further to help her out, so he just climbed on the bathroom counter, crawled across it past the baby, hopped down, pulled her away from the door--which closed temporarily to her increased protest--and finally got her out. He was laughing because he said she'd been fussing the entire time, but stopped immediately as the door opened to her freedom.

I never pass up a teaching moment, so I got to explain about why a baby could seem so fussy and so instantly 'fixed,' but mostly I was proud of my son to be sensitive to the cries and confident and caring enough to do what he felt he had to do to get her 'all better.'

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