Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kid Stuff

I was taking out my contacts before bed one night and both kids wanted to watch. I knew my queasy boy wouldn't' really enjoy the show, and that my gooey gal would get a kick out of it. I called it right! lol Daugther was fascinated, watching both extractions with full concentration. I am sure she feels ready to pull contacts out of my eye in case of some weird emergency.

My boy, on the other hand--and true to form--saw me touch one eye and began shivering convulsively. He announced, 'All right!! If I ever get bad eyes when I grow up, I am NOT wearing contacts!'

My girl quipped in response, 'OK, so you will use glasses that break and get lost? I will wear contacts!'

It is always a little funny to hear conversations I have had with my dh reanimated on the lips of our offspring!

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