Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Exciting Week?

Well that week is over.  We had some excitement, all right.  My son went to the astronomer’s convention and had a great time.  The weather wasn’t great, so there were not a lot of people willing to pull out their expensive telescopes and expose them to the 50+ mph winds.  But that didn’t stop the boys from having their fun.  I am still processing something that happened on the trip, so I don’t have much more to write at this point.

While he was away, we girls stayed at my dad’s.  We hadn’t known just how tenderhearted my step-mom is toward mice before we got there.  I saw one skitter across the living room our first night and let her know.  I assumed—we all know how that is spelled—that she didn’t know about the mice and would want change the living situation if she did.  I was wrong, and I think I embarrassed her by bringing it up.  She is so sweet and I am sorry to have put her on the spot.  Turns out she did know that a whole colony of mice are living in the house and she is of the opinion that they need to eat, too.  Whenever she sees evidence of them in the pantry, she just avoids those areas.  And that is where we stayed for three days.

This whole time, my little girl had been coughing.  But when we were at my dad’s things got worse.  And my sister’s two kids were coughing, too!  We really didn’t belong out and about, but we did hop over to the mall real fast with what sounded like a battalion of TB patients.  It was ridiculous.  So, we just went back to the mouse-house.

Friday, my hero picked us up and my sister went home.  My daughter got even worse.  We survived memorial weekend holed up trying every treatment for cough I could find.  We almost skipped out on the last leg of the week, but we joined our friends to visit my sister.  The TB patients were re-united!  Thank heaven for non-germ-freak friends!

We had a blast hanging around the house, admiring the blooming garden, playing games and catching up.  We came home, got the girl to the doc, who said she either is asthmatic or has bronchitis.  We are treating for both. 

We had skipped the sewing session the previous Saturday because of sick, so we went on over last Saturday.  With the help of our more-than-we-deserve friend, my girl made the cutest skirt from some jean shorts.

Now, if we can just get her healthy, we will get back to life!

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