Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hubby is 40!

My husband is 40 now, and we had a great party, thanks in large part to my sister.  She hosted and helped execute a Dominion theme.  If you haven’t played the card game Dominion, and you like games, I highly recommend this one.  There are expansions that my husband has just HAD to have that have hurt the checking account a bit, so try to enjoy with more restraint!trip to Katie's, Chinese New Year 032

So, we made a cake that looked like Dominion card.  For the birthday cards, my artist sister drew a Dominion card and made copies and the guests were invited to fill out one. I have photos, but somehow my camera got broken on the trip, so they aren’t highest quality.  Maybe you can click on them and zoom?

Some cherished friends made the trip to my sister’s house to join the celebration.  My dad and step-mom also swung by.  I am so thankful that we got to show my hero of a husband just how loved and special he is.

Chinese New Year and Brian's cards 005Chinese New Year and Brian's cards 006Chinese New Year and Brian's cards 007

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