Sunday, February 20, 2011

Whew! I am back!

I had not intended to take nearly a month off from blogging, but that is certainly what happened!  How does time fly so swiftly?  I surely do not know. 

My husband was on vacation for the majority of the time, and I enjoyed traveling to see family.  But I have been home for weeks, and still could not get myself to get back to regular posting.  I actually make myself weary when I consider my own deplorable state of self-discipline, so I choose to not dwell.

One exciting thing I did while on break was write a twelve-week lesson plan I will carry out with our homeschool group.  I also hope to find a way to sell it.  I don’t know what the Lord has in store in regard to that particular aspect, but I am fully satisfied with anticipating the coming session.

I do love to write.  I can imagine doing this as a semi-career.  I have started a couple of writing endeavors in the past, but never saw it through—another manifestation of that pesky poor self-discipline, no doubt.

The current class writing is coming to an end, so I am working my way back to the regular writing here and at the KidsROCK blog site.  I am back!

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