Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Eh, Not SO Great…

There is a song that just captivates me.  The group Sidewalk Prophets sings “Live Like That.” Check it out here. It is so good.  Go ‘head, I’ll wait.


If I could write beautiful, heartfelt poetry or music, these would be words I would use. Oh! It just speaks my heart.  I do want to live like that!



Here is another. ‘Well Done’ by Moriah Peters gets me through the end of my literal runs, but also inspires me to ‘keep on keepin’ on’ with regular life, as well.  Oh, I do want Him to tell me, ‘Well done’!

I want to exemplify love.  I want wisdom to course through me so that all my choices glorify Him.  I want the parts of me that show to the world (and my family) to be the perfect parts that Jesus Himself created, restored and perfected.


How’m I doin'?

I was recently unfriended by someone on Facebook. Unfriended!  That is a purposeful thing, you know. No matter what excuses some people propose, it just rarely happens by accident.  I realize it isn’t the end of the world.  I can’t even tell you when it happened.  I only noticed because a third party had her listed and her icon was not annotated as a mutual friend.  But it happened.  Someone chose to remove me, not hide or modify my access, but remove me.  I was amputated—something I just wrote about yesterday.

I’m guessing I’m not living up to my inspirational music.  I sing it while I cook and shower.  I pray that God will aid me in each moment to embody His Love to the world.  But, if I were doing that, I don’t think a friend would take time from her busy life to exclude me from it.  *sigh*

To quote my very clean-mouthed dad, isn’t that just the shits?  (In case my tone conveys inaccurately, I am being quite sincere about my dad's mouth. I can recall him cussing less than five times in my entire life. Each time he did, he used his words most appropriately, as I intend it here.) And worse, I hate failing, but I hate being confronted with my failure even more.  Boy, I’m a mess!

Tomorrow is Christmas, the second most important holiday to the Christian faith.  The thing that distinguishes Christianity from all other religions and faiths is that Perfection with a capital P reaches out to humanity.  All the others either say there is no perfection or offer instructions on how humanity can reach it.  Christians have to (get to?) come to the miserable but undeniable truth that we are abysmally incapable of following even the most basic instructions, even when we desperately want to.

Jesus knows this about us (duh, right?).  He wants to be friends, but knows that the only way to do it is if He does all the work! Christmas is when we celebrate the first part of the amazing process that brings us together again.

I am so sorry I lost this friend.  I am so sorry that she is just another name on a list of people who chose to quit me.  It breaks my heart.  I love my friends and cherish them so dearly, and I over and over and over again cause them enough harm that they amputate me from their lives.  And my goals were so lofty—that we all live happily ever after.

Thankfully, this isn’t the end.  Until the end of time, the story always ends with ‘To Be Continued.’  It is written.  The story is final.  Praise Him.  Happy Birthday!

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