Wednesday, December 18, 2013

You Know Your Tired When…

I just read an article about what sleep deprivation does to the brain.  The summary is that a sleepy mind is a dirty minds and sleep cleans the brain. It was a timely article because just a few nights ago we were laughing at ourselves for being so tired.

We were saying goodbye to friends after Bible study and I was sipping on some hot cocoa with a spoon in the mug. To keep it from knocking around, I rested my finger on the top of the spoon and began to sip.  Ever so slowly I began to tip the drink.  I am embarrassed to say that I actually poked myself in the eye with my finger.  Worse, I just held that position as I tried to figure out how to tip the mug further because I still hadn’t gotten anything to drink.  It took me far too long to pull the mug away.  I spoke aloud, ‘I just poked myself in the eye.’

My friend said, “I know; I watched you do it in slow motion.”  I am so dignified!

My husband was so sweet and bought me a little box of chocolates.  We were sampling the variety, smelling each other’s chocolates, which I guess is a little weird in itself.  It was the end of the day, so I wanted to extinguish the candle in front of us. What did I do?  I tried to blow it out with my nose!!  I blame it on all the chocolate-sniffing.

One of our usual calls to the kids to get them ready is, ‘teeth, face, deodorant!’  It is most often the thing we holler before we head out of the house. 

But this time, just before bed, Brian called out, “Feet!”  He drew even himself up short at that!  We all stared at him and I know he was wishing he had a second pair of eyes so he could stare, too.  He said, “Did I just say feet?”  Yes, you did, dear.  And no one knows why.

If only to confirm that the poor guy needed to be in bed, he thought for a minute and decided that he was trying to call out our usual teeth, face, deodorant but accidentally blended the two words teeth and face.  Again with the staring.  How in the world do teeth plus face make feet?  Tired man seems like he needs a brain scrubbing!

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