Sunday, December 15, 2013

My Son’s Writings

I gotta do some bragging.  My son’s writings this week have given me great pleasure and I want to share them. 

First up is his blessings poster.  Our Advent traditions have gotten off to a rough start, but I am trying to incorporate some of our plans into our day in spite of circumstances.  The blessings poster is a new one, and both kids had fun doing them.  I was impressed at the depth and breadth of their appreciation.  My daughter listed the precious people in our lives and made her poster so pretty with her artistic flair.  These babies are going on the wall! Here is the list from my son.

photo of blessings

  • Timothy (our rabbit)

  • My creativity

  • Bailey and Ava (our dogs)

  • The games we play

  • Our dad for being a hard worker and loving us

  • The ability to keep in touch with family far away

  • A wonderful year

  • The off time we have to be together

  • The park up the street

  • School to help us follow the paths given to us

  • Our toys and books

  • Everyone in our church

  • That even in hard times we’re given what we need

  • To know that we are saved

  • So many reasons

  • The deli where we can meet and help people

  • That Bailey has made friends with Timothy

  • To be able to give in so many ways

  • That we’re given all these things we don’t need

  • That we have doctors to heal and officers to keep us safe

  • That something happens every day to look forward to

  • Good music that we listen to often

  • A world where we are connected enough to know what’s happening

  • Fun snow days!

  • The sledding hill

  • Our great neighborhood

  • God’s protection

  • The material to make great things

  • The good food in our pantry

  • That mommy can stay home

  • That we have so many blessings

  • A good weekly schedule

  • The freedom to express our faith

  • People in our lives to help and love and to receive help and love from

  • Our car that’s lasted so long

  • Our wonderful school program

  • That our house can hold us and anyone who comes to it

  • The shows we watch together

  • The trips we go on

  • A family full of love and respect

  • Every day we spend as a family

  • Schooling Rylee

  • Money to afford what we have

  • That we always have someone to look to for comfort

  • People and things that came along to remind us to not get distracted

  • Foundations class, where we have so much fun

  • The privileges we get and the trust we have throughout the family

  • Things to keep us productive (smelly markers)

Isn’t that cool?  Another assignment was to give three silly excuses for missing a Christmas party.  Here is My son’s paper.


I’m sorry I missed your Christmas party.  I would have come, really, but something came up.  My pet gopher grabbed my pie recipe and buried it.  He has so many holes, and I had to go through all of them before I found out that it never even went into the ground, but instead got blown by the wind out of my gopher’s mouth and into a neighbor’s yard.

So then I had to go to all my neighbors and find out which one’s yard my recipe got blown into.  The owner of said yard turned out to be away, so I decided to climb over his fence and grab it myself.  But that didn’t work because my neighbor has twenty-seven cats who, when they saw me, panicked, clawed me up and ate the recipe.

Then I had no recipe anyway, so I had to go back to the store from which I got the recipe and ask for another one.  But when they started writing the recipe out for me the power went out.  And then the nice worker there couldn’t write the recipe because she couldn’t see what she was writing.  So then we decided that she should go to my house and bake the pie herself, if I could bring her to the party.

But then, while making the pie we needed eggs.  I pulled out the carton and dropped it, breaking every single egg.  So then we would have had to go to the store to get more eggs, except that the power was out at the store where the eggs were.  So we then figured it wasn’t worth the trouble.  I drover her back to her own home and then returned to mine so I could sit down and write the letter.


He is a funny dude. Finally, this is a short essay about what he most anticipates this winter.  True to his form, he cannot select just one thing.

It is December, the first month of winter.  It’s very cold, and it gets dark quickly, so some adjustments have to be made.  But there are also some things I’m looking forward to that can’t be done any other time of the year.

One of the biggest things I’m looking forward to is sledding.  There’s a great sledding hill just behind our neighborhood that we visited multiple times last year.  We don’t have any sleds, but we know friends who will happily bring them if they can use them with us.

Snow is another thing I’m looking forward to.  We have some right now, but it’s only a couple of inches, so it just gets in your shoes, and is very, very cold.  What I’m really looking forward to is lots of snow!  My sister and I have built snow forts and trench systems in the past, and played on  huge mountains created when the driveway is shoveled.  A lot of people don’t like this neighborhood because they say it gets too much snow.  But more snow is more fun!

And of course there's Christmas.  We don’t have a lot of money for presents this year, but I think that’s a good thing.  It helps us remember that we’re actually celebrating Jesus, instead of presents.  Also sweet doggie Bailey just came back from the hospital, so she’s Christmas present enough.

This summer was the best summer I can remember.  This winter is also going to be great as we get together with friends and celebrate God’s grace.  It’ll be great! 

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