Wednesday, December 11, 2013

May My Kids Never Forget Part 4

I love the lesson for today.  I have preached this one since before precious kid number two was even born.  Son, remember we bought you Blue Baby, a lifelike baby doll, to help you practice being Big Brother?  You sure took those lessons to heart, because I know no other brother who is as wonderful to his little sister than you are.  And it made a difference, because I also know no other sister who loves her brother as much as you, my dear daughter.

And that leads me to the thing I want you to know and to never forget.  Be best friends with each other. 

Having friends is terrific.  Blessings.  You know how much I adore my own friends.  I see them all as gifts from God.  Some friends are purely circumstantial and are companions for what seems only a moment—a pal to see you through a brief lesson or period of grace.  Others stick around for a longer season—a college buddy or Mommy commiserate-er.  Some people you see frequently because schedules dictate it—for a few weeks to many years.  You get along famously, but a change in interests or availability suddenly vaporizes that friend so quickly that you may wonder if he was even real.  Then there are friends for life.  Some few people really do stick around through thick and thin.  Man, hold on to those treasures!

But siblings are in another category entirely.  No one will know you for as long as you two know each other.  No one else will have grown up with your mom, your dad, your traditions, your family culture.  No one.  You guys can be most real with one another.  You guys have the most practice forgiving one another.  You two know each other’s fears, pet peeves, favorites (and that the boy just despises being asked about favorites).  You know what you’ve overcome.  You don’t have to give any background information to each other; you just get to share!

That is a pretty cool thing.  Look after each other.  Make the effort to keep your relationship close.  Keep the slate clean. Even if you move across the world from one another, you live in an age of glorious technology; there are no excuses.  Keep in touch. 

Hold each other accountable.  Encourage each other.  Like each other.  Drop everything for each other.  Listen when you yell at each other.  Save each other from stupid choices.  Get together in the same room whenever possible. 

Don’t let anyone ever drive a wedge between you.  I promise whoever would cost you your sibling will drop you, too.  No other relationship is worth your sibling.

If you marry and have kids, take in the extra family.  Love your sib-in-law.  Show your love by preserving that marriage.  Listen to frustrations about marriage, and send each other right back to apologize, even if you think the in-law is wrong.  Be the best aunt and uncle ever. Be at the births. Celebrate the firsts, raise the cousins to love each other.

You two are so special.  I like you both and love how much you like each other.  Love the other friends.  Be great friends to those you meet.  But never underestimate the special thing you have going between the two of you.  Cultivate it and protect it.  Be best friends!

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