Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Birthday

This day is the day we celebrate our daughter’s spiritual birthday.  Three years ago today she made a choice to act in obedience to the call for baptism.  She had prayed the sinner’s prayer before this, but was afraid to be baptized. We let her be about it most of the time, wanting it to reflect her own will when she did choose baptism.  However, we did on occasion discuss that becoming a Christian does mean making a choice to trust and follow Jesus.  And Jesus tells us to be baptized.  And we waited.

She woke up one morning saying that her heart wanted her to be baptized. I asked if she wanted to wait for Daddy. She said yes, then he was held for overtime!! I told her that he had been held and asked what she wanted to do. She said that she would wait until tomorrow so he could be there. Tonight I put the kids to bed. She said that she needed to be baptized. I asked if she was going to wait, she said that she would just tell Daddy that she had done it. I asked her to wait a half hour and we read a chapter in King Caspian to keep her awake (she is our sleeper). We talked a long while about what it is—I wanted to be sure she wasn’t doing it for me and told her so.

So, Daddy came home, we turned on the water and ran to meet him. We sang some songs, Brian talked with her a bit, too, got out of his uniform and baptized his girl. Our son cried. He said he was so happy. Our daughter was giddy beyond belief and our sleepy girl may not fall asleep for a while. She said we should be called the Baptized Family from now on. I kind of like it!


Sorry this post is so late—Springing forward is easier said than done!

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