Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hero Father

So, we went sledding, right?  Well, something happened while we were on the hill that I discovered only after we got home.  On one of the first runs down, I went with my daughter and she flew off.  We were going so quickly that all I could do was watch her tumble as I continued to the bottom of the hill.

Next thing I knew, my husband at the top grabbed a sled and hurdled himself toward our daughter.  As he came near he flung out his hands and threw himself off his sled.  By then my own ride ended, and I began scrambling back up to see how she was.  My son joined the crowd by shuffling his way down, as well.  She is one loved little chick!

While the girl ended up more angry than hurt, my husband seems to have broken his wrist by the base of his thumb.  He is too swollen right now to get a clear X-ray, but he is in lots of pain, wearing a brace and off of work for the week. 

What a hero, huh?

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