Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My kids are perfect!

My kids are really terrific.  And I think I know what I am talking about.  I have worked with kids all my life and I know some fantastic kids!  There have been so many little darlings I have wanted to bring home with me for keeps.  And even so, my kids are just cream of the crop.

I was doing our taxes, giving the kids more independent work than what normally defines out school day.  They took the change in stride, with cheerfulness of heart.  I was so thankful for their flexibility and growing independence.  What a blessing to be able to concentrate on something without having to deal with constant interruptions or worrying about why I am NOT being interrupted.

We worked really hard the other day to get the van into our over-stuffed garage because of the snow storm.  I hadn’t accounted for the damage that could result in bringing a snow laden vehicle into what once was storage space with wooden bookshelves. 

My kids hopped in with me rearranging heavy things, mopping up the water left by the van and even in moving the biggest, heaviest (read: most expensive) bookcase to the furthest point in the house to rescue it.  The whole time they sported smiles and eagerness. 

My daughter accidentally set off a mousetrap (you can read why our garage is lined in mousetraps at the moment here) in her work and the look on her face was priceless.  She just sort of giggled and froze.  So cute.

My son was helping with the heavy lifting of this monstrous bookshelf and it was barely something I could lift.  He never stopped smiling as we shoved and grunted up the steps and down the hall.

We played some games with them tonight, and these kids positively crack me up.  They are clever and witty.  They are friends with one another—my number two goal in raising them.  They are soft-hearted and respectful.

There are other great kids out there, I know.  Maybe some higher achievers, some stronger, some less sensitive…But these two kids are perfect for my little family.  I thrill when I think of them and how privileged I am to know their wonderful characters.

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