Sunday, March 13, 2011

Stinkin’ Dog!

For the third time, my puppy ran away.  Thankfully, we have an older dog who knows enough to tattle.  Our family spread out across the neighborhood calling her name.  I went long the block south and parallel to ours while the rest went on the block north.  We came out the other end empty handed.  My heart broke to see my son was an absolute mess.  He was frantic and crying.

Praise the Lord that the mail lady was there.  She heard us calling and said that there was a ‘basset’ keeping her company not two minutes before.  My kids headed back up our own street, calling her name.  I crossed the street to the local school.  My husband lingered with our dog between the two of us.

It didn’t take too long before we heard my son’s plaintiff cries turn into joy.  We all headed back.  It seems as if our puppy was going on a walk.  She took the same route to the mail and appeared to be headed home.

I told the kids that the routine of daily walks have played a part in saving our puppy.  She didn’t wander aimlessly, and others in the neighborhood recognized both our kids and the dog.

We shored up the backyard fence again and praised our older dog’s floppy ears off.  And we hope that she will stop running away, for goodness’ sake!

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